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puka_pudge default icon spotlight game

I just started the free paid account trial thing with the community's account. So I decided to do something I think would be cool. Every day I will change the default userpic of puka_pudge to an icon made by an icon maker/community who I feel like doesn't get enough love, but should. Most of these icons will be made by makers from our affiliates list, but there will be exceptions.

Kicking us off is this lovely icon by wildmopdogs! *points to puka_pudge default userpic* Can it get any cooler than perfume bottle lights? haha! Hope you all enjoy!

Banner by phchiu

If you would like to be considered for the rotation/puka_pudge default display, feel free to post below your community. This isn't a promise to include you, but I promise to look at them all! :)

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source: http://puka-pudge.livejournal.com/76613.html


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